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Shire of Cue 2019 Council Meeting Dates

  • Last update: 27 November 2018
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    Shire of Cue 2019 Council Meeting Dates


    It is advised that under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, Local Governments are required to adopt annual meeting dates and advertise them to the community. As such it was resolved at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 20 of November 2018 the following Council meeting dates for 2019.

    January                     No meeting

    February                   Tuesday 19th

    March                        Tuesday 19th

    April                           Tuesday 16th

    May                            Tuesday 21st

    June                           Tuesday 18th

    July                            Tuesday 16th

    August                      Tuesday 20th

    September               Tuesday 17th

    October                     Tuesday 15th

    November                Tuesday 19th

    December                 Tuesday 17th

    Meetings will commence at 6.30pm



    Rob Madson

    Chief Executive Officer

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