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Shire of Cue - Queen of the Murchison


Ordinary meetings of council

All meetings commence at 6.30pm and are held in the Council Chambers at 2 Austin Street, Cue.

Meetings dates for the year
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Ordinary Council Meetings are open to the Public. The Agenda is generally available after 12pm Friday prior to the meeting date and copies can be obtained form the shire office or website.


Public question time

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to ask questions during "Public Question Time".

To ensure that questions are correctly recorded it would be appreciated if those asking questions during "Public Question Time" could provide a copy of the questions asked to the person taking the minutes of the meeting.


Special meetings

Prior public notice will be given of the time, date and place of any Special Meetings of Council open to the public.



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